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Programs like Google AdWords and sponsored search on Bing and Yahoo offer businesses unparalleled access to potential customers and new ways to increase their brand's reach. Paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can have an instantaneous impact on sales and lead generation. Best of all, paid search marketing is very easily tracked, allowing you to continually refine your campaigns and achieve higher rates of return.

We recommend that everyone read Google's advice on Working with Third-Parties.

Our PPC consulting services are designed for organizations of all sizes and focus on creating scalable and manageable campaigns, and then training your internal resources to manage and optimize them post launch. From our experience, most clients can easily handle the month to month management of properly structured campaigns with a little training. This approach can offer significant cost savings when compared to ongoing PPC management but it does require some of your team's time.

Available PPC services include:

  • PPC strategy development
  • Campaign organization and restructuring for ease of management
  • Expert keyword research
  • Developing and refining campaign creatives and messaging
  • Developing and refining landing pages
  • Recommendations for creative branding opportunities
  • Analytics implementation and training
  • Comprehensive training and optimization tips
  • Campaign reviews and vendor audits

PPC consulting services are available on an hourly basis or at a set rate. Contact us today to find out how Artisan Interactive can help you get more results from your AdWords and other PPC campaigns with less management expense.

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Our approach focuses on providing only the services you actually need so each client recieves a unique proposal. Contact us today and find out how Artisan can help you grow.

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