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Search engine optimization quite simply has the power to transform your business. SEO provides the lowest costs for new customer acquisition and, when implemented correctly, can shift the balance of power in a particular industry. We don't promise miracles and we don't accept every opportunity, but we do deliver results that have been proven time and time again across hundreds of campaigns.

Rankings and traffic are far less important than revenue growth. Our holistic approach focuses on increasing exposure and conversions, ensuring your SEO campaign is more than just a number of top 10 Google rankings. We offer a variety of search optimization services but all are designed to provide the highest ROI possible.

Website and Market Analysis Reports

Whether you are just getting started with search marketing or you've already been through several agencies, our website and market analysis reports offer clear roadmaps to SEO success. We begin with Keyword and Website Analysis Reports in-depth technical analysis of your website where all possible technical impediments to the search engines and on-page optimization opportunities are identified. In addition to the traditional SEO components, we also analyze your website's usability, information architecture, and messaging to ensure more visitors become customers. Next, we research your industry, identify your top competition and study their websites. Only after developing a strong understanding of your industry are we able to research specific keywords and discover which offer the highest return. We aggregate and organize all findings into a comprehensive report that provides a prioritized, step-by-step roadmap to increased web revenue.

Three Month Website Sponsorships

Our signature 3-month website sponsorship service is designed for mid- to large-sized businesses who are committed to online success. Sponsorship is just what it sounds like, we pick one client at a time and focus exclusively on their needs for 40 to 60 hours per month. We provide search optimization, competitive and keyword research, link building, and messaging development with the singular goal of making your website dominate the search results. We are very selective when choosing which companies we sponsor, please don't take it personally if we can't sponsor you - we only want to ensure that our services will have the maximum impact and ROI.

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Our approach focuses on providing only the services you actually need so each client recieves a unique proposal. Contact us today and find out how Artisan can help you grow.

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